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Like most of us, over the years we struggled with the challenges associated with product implementation projects. These struggles included trying to efficiently allocate resources, understand why a project is behind schedule, over-budget, of poor quality, or having lower profit margins. We spent countless hours in meetings, looking for and reading e-mails, reviewing and revising spreadsheets, even doing the walk-about talking to project team members, trying to figure out what was really going on. In the end, one thing was abundantly clear. The reliance on a mishmash of spreadsheets, Word docs, e-mail, message boards, and various project management and other point tools created an environment that neither promoted collaboration, nor produced project intelligence. It was time for a change.

Project Intelligence

In today's digital world, organizations compete fiercely to deploy new and advanced technology solutions. This fierce competition is increasing pressure on project teams to execute better. Project teams are now expected to handle larger volumes of technology projects with less resources, achieve aggressive deadlines with reduced budgets, enhance quality to ensure error-free deployments, and grow project profit margins, all the while accelerating revenue recognition. No small task without a modern system of record that promotes collaboration and produces project intelligence.

Other business functions have derived great success from deploying modern systems of record that promote collaboration and provide the real-time intelligence needed to make informed decisions. For example, Sales, Marketing, HR and Finance all rely on modern, systems of record to execute their business functions with the ever-increasing velocity and accuracy needed to compete. It's now time that projects have a similar capability.

A Project Workspace

To meet today's critical business needs for more and more digital solutions, projects need to be smarter. Smart projects detect risks before they damage a project. They leverage repeatable best practices to enable teams to handle a higher volume of projects. Resource utilization is timely and accurate, so that it's easier to schedule and allocate the right team members to the right projects. Qualilty issues are flagged before errors are deployed.

These are just a few of the many beneifts that stem from transforming the static information generated by today's mishmash of disconnected tools, into a modern, smart project platform: A Project Workspace.

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