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Mobile Workspace

All the features and power of the desktop, so you can stay connected to your project and team from anywhere, on any device


When important project risks or changes occur, alerts are pushed to your devices right away


Pictures, videos, documents, any files can be added to your Workspace. No strings attached

Team Talk

Post a comment or follow a discussion. In Workspace, you're always part of the conversation.


Reuse your project work over and over again. There's no need to reinvent the wheel.

Project Analytics

Instantly view a wide range of project analytics for a single project or across the board.

Rich Text

With the latest in web-editing capability, the only limitation is your imagination.

Custom Fields

Customize project data so you always get just the information you need, when you need it.


Select any combination of data you want, and filter out data you don't need. Filters lets you pick and choose.

Get It Together

Create folders for each app and project to get organized the way that works best for you.

Track Changes

In every project and in every app if you need to see what happened, you can always look back in time.

Import Export

Import data to get started fast, or export data to use it elsewhere. No programming required.


Set-up Workspace to show as much information as you want, or as little as you need. You decide.

The Palm Of Your Hand

No matter how complex or where work is being done, imagine your entire project in the palm of your hand.

Works For Me

All the project work assigned to you in one convenient place. That works for me.

Breaking News

A single newsfeed of all project updates, changes, discussions and more. You'll always be well informed of any breaking news.

Gold Mine

Turn the mountains of project data in your Workspace into a gold mine of valuable information.

Extend Your Space

Simple, yet powerful REST-based integration capabilities help make Workspace your-space.


Customize user security to ensure your team's Workspace is always secure.

Center of Attention

Track projects, view dashboards, find team members. The latest info is always front and center.

Chain Reaction

It's simple to link related items. The better connected your data, the better your team is connected.

Point of View

Choose any combination of project data you want to see, and how you want to see it.

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