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Workspace Support Services

We provide a range of support services for WorkspacePM and WorkspacePI subscribers.

Administration & Application Training

A series of training sessions on how to administer and use all of the Workspace apps. This training is designed for users that will serve as Workspace Administrators.

Resource Setup

Populate Workspace account with users, and configure allocation and utilization profiles. Users are automatically notified and prompted to set login credentials and user profiles.

Define Project Templates

Identify the types of projects to be executed in Workspace. These project types may be setup as templates so they can be reused as needed.

Configure Administration

For defined templates, configure security settings, data fields and properties, automated alerts and notifications, data filters and personalized views.

Add Content

Import project-specific and reusable content such as statements of work, resource allocations, tasks and assignments, plans and schedules, test cases and test plans, project documents and any other type of content you want to include in a project.

Reports & Dashboards

Identify and pre-configure default metrics and analytics for reports and dashboards.

Get Started

Start using Workspace and transform previously disconnected and static project information into a modern, smart project platform: A Project Workspace.