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Project Intelligence In Action

Making Projects Smarter

To meet today's critical business needs for more and more digital solutions, projects need to be smarter. Workspace enables you to achieve project smarter by both planning and monitoring all project activities. As project conditions change, Workspace is generating intelligence to automatically adjust schedules, resource availability and capacity, peformance metrics and forecasts. With all project data consolidated in a single, smart platform, amazing intelligence is being produced every minute of every day.

Intelligent Benefits

WorkpacePI harvests data accumulated by WorkspacePM and WorkspacePM Pro to detect risks before they damage a project, enable repeatable best practices so teams can handle a higher volume of projects, and ensure resource utilization is timely and accurate, so that it's easier to schedule and allocate the right team members to the right projects. Qualilty, schedule, and scope risks are flagged before mistakes are deployed or revenue is lost. These are just a few of the many benefits that smarter projects deliver when they have instant visibility into all key project indicators, and produce reliable, real-time analytics and forecasts. This is the future of technology projects. That future starts now.

Launch Projects Faster

Isn't it about time you had a library of project templates, where you can just press a button and go?

Take your methodologies, spreadsheets, project plans, scope documents, repeatable task lists, team composition, and any other project data being duplicated for each project, and create as many project templates as you need.

Stop reinventing the wheel already.

Control Risks

Everyone knows discovering risks early is critical to project success. It's easier than you think.

The project team already generates the information needed for early risk detection. All that's left is to connect the data together by transitioning from a mishmash of disconnected tools to a single project workspace. Combining project data enables powerful analytics to be produced, that discover risks for you, so you can focus on how to correct them.

Control risks, so they don't control you.

Maximize Resources

With Workspace, it's incredibly simple to determine what resources are available.

Need to determine what team members are reserved for what project and for how long, no problem. As the project evolves, we'll show you how long that resource is planned for that project versus the original commitment. Even more, once the project starts, and actual work is being done, we'll alert you to potential conflicts if schedules slip, and predict for you when that resource will likely be finished, and therefore, available for another assignment.

Real-Time Forecasts

As project conditions change, there is a constant impact on forecasts and projections.

Workspace is tracking all project activites from the pace of projects, to time allocated to tasks by team members, to changes in scope or quality issues. All of these factors impact forecasts and projections, including schedule, resource availability, targeted margins, and costs. As projects are impacted, Workspace is automatically updating forecasts every minute of every day.

Measure Performance

Predictable schedules, repeatable methodology, appropriate resource allocation all contribute to consistent, measurable performance

With Workspace serving as the system of record for your technology projects, performance metrics are just a click away. Track resources that predict effort accurately, project types that are vulnerable to scope creep, time spent on nonbillable activities. These are just a few of the data points available within Workspace that can serve as a baseline to both measure and enhance performance.

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