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Why is WorkspacePM Free?

To Make Projects Smarter

Technology projects typically generate huge amounts of constantly changing data, that is accumulated across a mishmash of task specific project tools, spreadsheets, email and more. The problem with so much project data being fragmented across so many different tools is that by the time this information is compiled and transformed into important and actionable intelligence, changing project conditions usually render that intelligence outdated and unreliable. As a result, teams struggle to detect project risks early, accurately predict resource needs, produce reliable, real-time forecasts, and guide projects to predictable outcomes.

To help make projects smarter, we provide two revolutionary products; WorkspacePM and WorkspacePI. With WorkspacePM, companies get an amazing, feature rich suite of project tools needed to execute tech projects. Even better, all the data being accumulated by WorkspacePM is automatically consolidated in a single collaborative and intelligence producing platform, so all team members can work from the same information. We provide this powerful and comprehensive product for free so companies can shift spending from expensive, but fragmented project tools to more valuable AI-capable platforms.

For those companies that can benefit from real-time project intelligence, WorkspacePI harvests the data generated by WorkspacePM and other products. With this harvested data, WorkspacePI guides projects to more predictable outcomes by continuously monitoring project activities to assess and flag project risks, provides instant visibility into resource utilization and capacity needs, and produces reliable, real-time analytics and forecasts. With WorkspacePM and WorkspacePI, companies can finally get control of all their project data, and transform that data into powerful project intelligence.

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